Your First Dental Appointment

What To Expect:

Due to our philosophy of providing treatment based solely upon diagnosis your first dental visit with us will be a diagnostic appointment only.  This information gathering appointment is critical in not only determining what if any teeth are in need of help but also the level of gum tissue health. This allows us to determine what type of cleaning best suits your specific needs. The cleaning and case presentation will occur at the second appointment.

The diagnostic appointment consists of the following:

Part A) Comprehensive history

1) Medical history – this is a review of current medications, allergies and medical conditions.

2) History of chief complaint – Why did you make the appointment? Do you have a specific problem? Are you new to the area and need a Dentist? Has it been a long time since you had a dental examination and professional teeth cleaning?

Part B) Comprehensive Examination

  1. Extraoral exam
  2. Intraoral exam
    1. Oral cancer screening
    2. Soft tissue evaluation
    3. Salivary flow evaluation
    4. “TMJ” screening
    5. Charting of existing restorations (fillings, crowns, etc.)
    6. Charting of existing dental conditions
    7. Charting of existing periodontal conditions

Part C) Radiographic Examination (x-rays)

  1. Panoramic
  2. Bitewings

Part D) Brief consultation

  1. Overview of findings
  2. Discussion of next appointment
  1. Type of cleaning needed
  2. Case presentation/treatment plan review
  3. Consent to treatment forms
  4. Review of general office and financial policies

Part E) Payment and scheduling of next appointment

Click here for DENTAL FORMS to be filled out and submitted prior to your first dental appointment.

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