What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "My three sons, husband and I have been patients of Dr. Gold for many years. I appreciate his attention to detail in caring for all our dental needs. Pie and Loren always make us feel welcome and my kids never complain about having to go to the dentist. I think that says it all!"
    Allison S.
  • "I was very concerned about the future of my teeth, since I had been grinding for years. I had tried a standard, dentist-fitted night guard, only to find it lost in the covers (and not protecting my teeth) when I got up in the morning. One dentist even told me not to waste my money on a night guard because they don’t work! Meanwhile, my teeth were wearing away. One molar cracked. I was looking on the internet for information about the facial pain and headaches I was experiencing, and found Dr. Gold. He made me an NTI-custom fit for my mouth. It is completely different from a standard night guard. It is very comfortable, stays in place, stops my teeth from grinding, and I no longer wake up with headaches that even hurt my eyeballs! I am very pleased with the expertise, compassion and excellent results I received from Dr. Gold and his staff."
    Marilyn S.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Gold’s for several years (along with my family members) and am extremely happy with the care he has given me. I have also referred numerous folks to his practice; have heard no complaints only praises from them as to the care they have received. I like the fact that he, himself, not a hygienist, cleans your teeth. You actually spend most of your entire visit with him, thus he knows you and your teeth first hand. He’s always on schedule, I can’t think of a time in which I’ve been left in the waiting room for more than a few minutes before my appointment. His staff is always friendly and willing to assist you whenever possible. The atmosphere of his office is relaxed, and provides a feeling of comfort, which makes “going to the dentist” overall a little bit nicer. I would highly recommend Dr. Gold and his staff to anyone!!"
    Sherry H.
  • "In the morning after wearing the NTI piece, the teeth felt more relaxed and refreshed, as though they fit together better. My jaw was also more relaxed. It really made a difference right away."
    Jason W.
  • "The mouth guard has alleviated my headaches and pain at my jaw and temples. I also know my back teeth are no longer being damaged by the grinding, and are no longer sensitive. Really glad I got the NTI."
    Marian F.
  • "I’ve been to several specialists and nobody has spent that much time discussing my condition with me. It’s no wonder Dr. Gold was able to help me."
    Wendy P.
  • "I developed a fear of dentist as an adult. It was not until I HAD to see a dentist that I got a friend’s recommendation to see Dr. Gold. There was a lot of work that had to be done over several months. I was able to get it done only because of the patience of the staff (literally holding my hand!) and the expertise of Dr. Gold. I have yet to miss an appointment in years (since 2006)!"
    Sally H.
  • "I am approaching 70 years of age, have lived in five different states and have been a patient of six dentists. Dr. Gold is, and has been the most professional, knowledgeable, and confident dentist I have been privileged to have as my dental physician."
    Robert R.
  • "A great appliance, the neck and shoulder pain are gone. Super piece of plastic!!"
    Mary Beth B.
  • "The staff is wonderful and always there for me. I have always felt at home and welcomed. The dentist is always dreaded by all, but not my family! We love Dr. Gold and the girls! Kudos to you guys!!"
    Susan C.
  • "My NTI device has been a huge lifesaver. It has tremendously helped my migraines and jaw pain. When my NTI device needed adjusting, Dr. Gold takes the time to mold and reshape it until he is satisfied with a perfect fit. His talent is more than science and dental skills, this is an ART and Dr. Gold takes his work serious. He’s the BEST in our area for bruxism/teeth grinding, NTI. I don’t have to worry about my migraines and jaw pain which has caused me so much stress. My jaw pain was so severe that I didn’t want to chew any food! The Triad is very lucky to have Dr. Gold."
    Mary Ellen K.
  • "There are many phases to Dr. Gold's practice. Here are three: 1) In 13 years, I've never been kept waiting for my appointment. 2) Dr. Gold does his own cleaning so his observations are more than thorough. 3) The two young ladies, Pie and Loren, have the grace of professionalism, efficiency of business, and sincere friendliness as the entry point of the practice for each visit."
    Martha E.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Gold's for over 10 years. He has always given me the best dental care available. He is dedicated, honest, and shows he is a man of integrity. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional dental care."
    Dawn B.
  • "My new NTI appliance from Dr. Steven Gold and New Garden TMJ and Dentistry is far superior to my old dental "bite splint". I am clenching less and the protective device has finally given relief from jaw pain. An added bonus is that I sleep better and feel more rested during the day. Dr. Gold's professional staff have been great!"
    Meg S.
  • "As Dr. Gold handed me my TMJ appliance after the six month check I said "Finally after all these years of pain and struggle with TMJ something that works. I feel better!" Thank you Dr. Gold."
    Dorothy F.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Gold's for a number of years now and I can honestly say that he is the best dentist in town! He's always on schedule and I have his personal attention throughout the entire appointment! He does all of the cleanings himself so he has a first hand knowledge of my teeth. His staff is always friendly and welcoming and will go out of their way to make sure that I have a pleasant experience in the office. I have never been to any doctor's office in which I have an amazing experience every time! I have no complaints about Dr. Gold and his staff and recommend them to everyone I know!"
    Debbie J.

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