Neuro-muscular Microcurrent Therapy - ETPS

The How, What & Why of ETPS

There are electrical micro currents flowing all through our bodies. We have all felt static electricity and we all drink sports drinks for electrolytes.

The ETPS 1000 is a small unit that your therapist will hold in his/her hands and gently place on your skin.

The ETPS 1000 Unit has a concentrated point of micro current that safely and gently detects special points on the surface of your skin. These detected points have less resistance and are acupuncture points, muscular/fascia trigger points or neurological points. The ETPS device is then used to apply a concentrated micro-current stimulation to the points for a fast, intensified healing response.

Relieve Pain along Nerve Pathways

ETPS Therapy can relax tightened muscles along the spine or limbs. Chronic pain is often the result of tightened or contracted muscles along the spine. This can lead to nerve root entrapment and/or impingement which can cause super sensitivity, dysfunction and pain along the nerve’s pathways. The function of specific organs can be affected and muscles can become even more shortened. ETPS can improve nerve function, reduce the heightened sensitivity of the nerve pathways and help reduce pain.

Reduce Trigger Points

ETPS can locate and sedate the trigger points (tight knots) in muscles. This reduces swelling, relaxes muscle and relieves pain.

Contraction of muscles in the limbs can put strain on the joints. By relaxing tight muscles around the joint, the strain and compression on the joint is reduced, allowing more fluid in the joint and better joint movement.

Certain tightened muscles in the hips and low back can cause structural imbalances and discomfort. ETPS can relax these specific muscles.

Improve Scars

Cuts or surgery can slice through nerves, meridians, lymphatic, fascia and the circulatory systems. Applying ETPS Therapy (directly around the scar) can re- polarize the scar tissue, increase blood circulation and energy flow, release fascia, and improving patient’s range of motion.

Acupuncture Therapy

ETPS was first derived from acupuncture but there is no use of needles! The energy lines in Chinese medicine are called Meridian Lines and they have been scientifically proven and studied for many years! They have an integral relationship to anatomical areas of the body. Stimulating specific points on these lines can create a biochemical response, which may beneficially influence the body as a whole.

This can balance energy and improve energy circulation to the entire body.

Calm the Autonomic Nervous system

By applying the ETPS 1000 device to specific acupressure points on the body and limbs, the nervous system can be calmed. Relaxation helps to promote a sense of wellbeing and health.

ETPS vs. Traditional TENS

The ETPS 1000 is very different from traditional TENS and produces a completely different sensation and healing response from traditional TENS.

A traditional TENS unit applies an Alternating Current (AC) via pads
over large skin areas.

The ETPS 1000 unit applies concentrated, Direct Current (DC) micro-stimulation to specific treatment points in minute, short bursts. It applies 50-100 times less current and has a much shorter application time. It has been proven to be a safer, faster and more effective pain relief.

Magnetic Polarity

The ETPS Therapy can decrease or increase circulation to the area of injury through a polarity reversal – adding a negative or a positive charge. Decreasing circulation is similar to ice therapy, and is most beneficial for pain control and reduction of swelling. Increasing circulation setting is similar to heat therapy and is most beneficial for immune enhancement and neural regeneration. Helping to reduce or increase the blood flow to the area greatly contributes to the natural healing process.

How long will pain relief last?

One application can provide hours, days or weeks of relief depending on condition and severity. Results will vary depending on condition and the severity, but outcomes are usually cumulative, providing better and better results
over time.

Acupuncture and Endorphin Response

Traditional acupressure therapy and trigger point therapy have been scientifically proven to release your body’s own natural pain relievers called Endorphins. The ETPS DC current stimulation duplicates the same beneficial endorphin response found through traditional acupuncture therapy.

Thus ETPS Therapy ‘taps’ into our body's own internal pain relieving system!

In Summary

ETPS is a non-invasive therapy applying concentrated micro-current, low frequency stimulation to ancient acupressure points, motor/trigger points and contracted motor bands. Applying the ETPS 1000 stimulation to a unique combination of the above mentioned points will provide immediate pain relief, decrease muscle tonicity, and accelerate tissue repair for musculoskeletal disorder. This produces an effective and versatile approach to chronic pain management.

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